Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Snow Patrol

I'm a bit torned.. I love winter, and I don't want to change my opinion about that. But Mr.Frost you're really pushing it!! I wanted it to snow. But it snowed so much it made my car disappear..! No. But it was totally covered in snow, and when I tried to start it - It wouldn't start!!
I know, it's probably the battery because of the cold and the fact that we don't use the car that much.. but a mechanic thought there was something else too.. Not very nice, when you really want to spend your money elsewhere these weeks before the holidays.
It continued to snow again and again, so the car got totally covered once more. But the worst part is, the car was stuck because of all the snow. It wasn't possible for anyone to help us move it, until the company who owns the area got rid of all the snow.. it took them almost a week! And there was nothing I could do besides wait for them to plow the area..
So when they finally did, I had to call the insurance company. Luckily they paid for the tow truck. I dug out the car and then waited for someone to help me move it to the nearest mechanic, so they could take a look at it. Now I'm just waiting for that phone call..
-Hi, give me your salary, your savings and your left foot.. then you'll have your car back. Merry Christmas! MooHahaHaha..! (the mechanic's evil laugh)

I still love winter and snow, but I really should be careful what I wish for. I just didn't think it would work.. It never did when I wished for snow, working winter seasons in the French Alps.

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