Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Avocado Tree - hanging leaves?!

Ohh, I'm really struggling with this tree.. or at least, I think I am. It's growing and all, and I recently put it into a new and bigger pot. But the leaves..! Every other day, they keep hanging! I blame it on the weather, we're going from exremely hot and sunny one day, to a bit cold and heavy clouds the other. So I guess, the watering get's a bit uneven. But I had a look at the roots, when I transplanted it the other day. They look strong and healthy. And the leaves are nice and green, so maybe it's just the way they grow.. hanging a bit more then other trees. I'll keep on fighting and nurturing my little tree. The next time I'm in a garden centre though, I think I'm going to ask around for some pointers on the subject.
The goal is to for the avocado tree to tag along, when we move to Copenhagen next year. Hopefully we'll get an appartment or house with some sort of outdoor room/place/balcony. So I can have it outside..! I'll keep you posted, and if there is anyone out there with more experience with this particular tree than me..? I can use the tips, explanations or encouragements possible.

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  1. Whaat!? Copenhagen already? :)
    Hoppas vi hinner ses lite mer innan ni flyttar iaf. Getaway är bokat och klart hoppas jag?