Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Card, letter, or mail..?

I like to collect and send greeting cards. If you feel the need to say thank you, congratulations or whatever to someone - it's good to have a few different cards at home, just in case. I often make them myself, if I haven't got or can't find a card that fits the occasion. I really appreciate getting a real card or letter in the mail. Because nowadays one usually just e-mail or write eachother on facebook. Especially on birthdays, and I think that's a bit sad..

In Oslo, there is a shop in the end of the street Markveien (in the popular and trendy Grünerløkka area). I can never remember what it's called(could be "Skaperverket"..?!). It's a really cool shop with art prints, upcoming and new designer things - such as clothes, note books, and everything from lunch boxes to earrings. And they have the sweetest and funniest greeting cards! So I always fill up my stock when I visit that shop!
They have a lot of cards from Papaya!(they print on recycled paper) and La Marelle en papier(would like to illustrate for both companies!). Check out their websites, they sell a lot more than cards! I get really inspired by the artists, their motifs and the style that they use.
I always have to stop myself from buying to many cards in that shop..!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Fall temptations

This truly is the best season for intense rich colors, indoors, outdoors.. all the flowers in the flower shops. The selection of fruits and berries, almost begging you to make a pie out of them! Don't get me started on clothes. Definitely the best fashion season, because you can mix and match different garnments and fabrics. And let's not forget, the constant urge of wanting to redecorate and make your home into your perfect winter hide out.
So I promise, you guys.. I'm really keeping a firm grip around my wallet..because temptation is everywhere, especially in Oslo! There are yummy treats and eye candy everywhere! Well, now it's time to get ready for tonight's festivities!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Sleepless Countdown

I have a friend who's having a birthday party this weekend(wouldn't want to miss it).. and I'm going! It's in Oslo. I know, I know.. I was recently there. And it was so fun, that I just couldn't resist going back when the opportunity came up. The suitcase is packed, and everything's ready. I'm ready. My train leaves at 6 in the morning(crazy early, the alarm is set to 5 a.m.!). So only a few hours to go..!

When I have an early appointment or if I'm travelling somewhere the next day, I always have trouble sleeping. So I guess I'll be waiting wide awake until the alarm starts ringing(worst case scenario hopefully). Then be really exhausted on the train. Probably sleeping the entire trip to Oslo. Perfect! No, honestly I hope I'll get some storyboard work done as well.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A place for Our Shoes..

A couple of years ago I got an old sugar delivery box, in wood - from my mother. I wanted one because she had a few, and was using them as a shelf system for shoes. I thought that was so clever and it looked so good, I wanted to do it myself. 
But for years I've been looking for more boxes. So I can get some height in displaying our shoes. And so last week, I found one in the vintage shop next door. To a really good price! And I asked if the owner could be on the look-out for some more for me, and she seemed confident of finding more. So.. fingers crossed..!

Monday, October 22, 2012


Making it really nice at home, with fall colors here and there. But I'm thinking of buying a really big pumpkin for Halloween, carve it out to something funny and the actually make or bake something out of the fruit and seeds. A friend made pumpkin soup, that looked incredibly delicious.(I only saw a picture.) 
I read a really interesting recipe for pumpkin ginger pie with mascarpone here, MmmMmm.. could get tasty, I'm curious at least. I've never tasted pumpkin pie, maybe this is the year to do it.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Amaryllis "Batman"..??

No, I'm just kidding.. that's not it's real name. But it has been named after the animal - bat. Amaryllis "Fledermaus"( I think it's in dutch or german, or maybe both). Cute right?
I know a lot of people think it's a bit early for flowers like this. Reminding us about winter and Christmas. But I just love them and I'm happy to see them in the stores again! And it has a very orange red color, more appropriate for the autumn than for Christmas.

 Have a Lovely Weekend! 

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Goodies from Oslo

Sometimes I really miss that city, especially since one can find so many beautiful and tasty things there.. so this time I bought some fun interior design stuff in Oslo. And of course, had to buy some of the best olive oil and balsamico to take home, bought at Oliviers & Co. I know the shop exists in several cities and countries, but the one in Bogstadveien, Oslo really is extraordinary. We always get the best service there, they really have a passion for their work and when you've tried the oils and other treats that they have, MmmMm.. Incredible taste sensation!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Giant Echeveria!

Just to show how big it is, I placed an egg cup next to the plant. Big difference!

It's huge! I bought it at the flower shop "Markedsplassen Blomster" in Oslo, where I used to work. I just couldn't resist it. The color is a perfect burgundy with the light minty green, a real fall decoration all on its own! The best part is I just have to water it once a month!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Today's Google

Look at the homepage for Google today, by the way!

They're celebrating the 107th anniversary of Winsor McCay´s comics masterpiece, 
Little Nemo in Slumberland with a fantastic interactive tribute. Love it!

Yarn the Lamp!

One of my lamps.. that I've been sooo tired of, for a long time.. Because it's just plain boring. I bought it when I was in a desperate need of a lamp, and I regretted it at once. It was just so impersonal. Then we moved, and it with us.
I felt I needed a solution, and I would never just throw it away. As a believer of change and creativity, I stripped it! Got rid of that black fabric, and for a while I was quite satisfied with it that way. 
But now it's autumn, with winter not too far away. So I thought I would make it cozy, with some colorful yarn. And voilá! A beautiful and warm light source.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Back in Town..

It has been some wonderful vacation days in some of the beautiful capitals in Scandinavia. Oslo - I miss you Again!(used to live there), the people, the fantastic food by my favourite chefs and the small vintage shops. I regret that we didn't have the time to go to some of the cool ski/surf shops there, but maybe that was the best for the following vacation plans. It also has the best flower shop I ever worked in, I just wish I could take it all with me - where ever I may move..

Street Art in Briskeby,Oslo

Then the destination was Copenhagen! Ahh, it was raining and at the same time the wind was so strong, that if holding an umbrella.. one would probably fly away! But nevertheless, had a blast! This time was all about taking it slow, relaxing and exploring new places and areas. Need to learn my way around the city, especially if we're moving there. 
But for the moment I'm back in Gävle. School, training and work are the priorities on the schedule the whole weekend.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Lobster Weekend

Had an amazing time this weekend, with friends in a beautiful house by the sea.. Drinking something tasty in a warm jacuzzi, eating great food, laughing and playing games. Although I chose to stay on dry land because it was so windy, that I believe my stomach wouldn't have appreciated a day on a boat..! I didn't have a dull second this weekend. Can't wait until next year!

Bye, bye Grundsund..-------> Ahh, the sun is shining in Oslo! ;D