Curious, who am I??

My name is Hannah. I am a floral designer and an illustrator/artist. I have just finished a two-year education, studying comic book art and graphic storytelling. I have a big passion for art, interior design, photography and green living! The name of my blog comes from one of my true inspirations here in life, the amazing Nordic nature and countries.

On this blog you'll see art/illustrations/comics, a lot of flowers, interior design with a twist of retro, DIY, photography and wedding planning. A lovely mix of me, right now!
Always in the need of inspiration and to stay creative, I prefer the sustainable choice.

If you like my work and blog, respect me. Please name source, link and give credit, if you copy my photographes or art/illustrations.

Thanks for visiting the blog & leave some words while you're here.

Right now I live in Gävle, Sweden. Moving to Copenhagen in 2014. But first we´re planning the Big Day, a wonderful "winter saga".

If you're wondering why I write in English, although I'm actually Swedish.. It's because I love to learn and improve my language skills. I thought it would be good excercise, to practice my English vocabulary often. And it seemed easier than trying it in French or Italian. But it would be cool if I was good enough to write as much, in one of those languages. If you think that I should write in Swedish as well in this blog, tell me.

I'm no stranger to making good contacts either, so if you have any questions or if you're interested in me or my work - please leave a comment(I love feedback) or send me an e-mail (

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