Friday, September 27, 2013

Packing Madness and Transformers..?

Had a last minute packing crisis for this weekend's lobster fiesta! My time has just flown away the last two weeks. Have been stressed and forgot all about packing for this glorious weekend with friends. Let's just say, came home to routines and everyday life -and it turned out, not quite the way I expected it too. That holiday glow and well-rested being just disappeared instantly.
Our car needed instant service(now I'm trying to sell it), my bike is done, dead and apparently dangerous.. My phone is giving me a hard time, turning on and off on it's own - a lot. My computer hasn't been working properly, especially not when I needed it to and there was no room for error(like during my french course online seminar..on several occassions!). I'm just waiting for the roof to fall down.. and maybe for the coffee machine to spit me in the face. So! I'm leaving for a weekend and it feels good to push that pause button! Ignore the fact that the material/technological things in my life are trying to mess with my wedding plans and sanity! I hope when I get back, it will be as if it never happened.. or that it will just work out in some nice way. Usually things haven't happened all at the same time before.. not like this!

Well, I'm off.. I'm sorry that my vacation updates didn't show up here as planned. I'll make sure to post that as soon as possible. But what can you do when the machines are taking over..

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Formex AutumnWinter2013 - Inspo Kick!

Before the vacation I went with the staff from the flower shop to Formex 2013 - inspiration for Autumn/Winter. What a boost! Saw a lot of pretty, pretty things and went straight away home later that day.. started to move around things, redecorating and then I sat down for some drawing time. Love the feeling of inspiration!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Our Winter Wedding Pattern

Here it is! The pattern I've been working on a few days this summer. Our pattern for Our wedding, snowflakes and hearts. We're using it discreetly in the invites, the menu and for the candle light holders on the dinner tables. Plain like this, but also inverted. I'm really happy about how it turned out.
I'm finishing off the last invites this week, so it's really going to feel good when we're done with them all.

Monday, September 16, 2013

The hot chili peppers!

Here they are.. our babies here at home! The new one is called, as earlier mentioned, 'Basket of fire' It has vivid red chili peppers and is steaming hot!
We have two chili plants(they're two of the same kind) from before, they're almost three years old. They have been living indoors year in and year out..! Bright and with even watering. This year the taste is stronger and definitely hotter, the fruits/peppers are bigger. They are perfect for when we make Chili con Carne. They have a nice yellow colour, hence the name of it 'Hot Lemon'.

Time flies..

When you're having fun!! Sorry for my lack of updates..! I've been busy with wedding planning, work, training, started a French course(don't know what I was thinking but I'll do my best..!) and also it was time for some VACATION in the middle of all that! Have been living too well, these couple of weeks.. So those earlier weeks of training just said "POOF!" and I think I have to start all over again, start to pay again in sweat.. well, well.. It was worth it!

Went to Corsica for a week, back to where it all begun.. the love story.. :D I love that beautiful island, when we arrived it felt like no time had passed. It felt like home.
Ate the world's best pizza every single day at lunchtime, my one and only "Dame Blanche" at La Crêperie, in Île Rousse where we stayed. I've missed that pizza for six loooong years! Best served with lots of chili oil on it and a great big Pietra(Corsican chestnut beer) on the side.. Mmm.. We had wonderful warm weather, met some old and some new friends. Drank sangria and a whole lot of rosé wine!
And here's a treat! We tried climbing outdoors for the first time, what a rush! I'm definitely hooked, have already been checking out equipment and possibilities for climbing in Copenhagen. (So I'm prepared to get started, when we move there.)
The week afterwards, we spent in Denmark. Went to Odense(home town of the beloved writer H.C.Andersen) and of course, Copenhagen. A super great week as well, but a bit more exhausting with a more packed schedule than the week before. I'll post some pictures from the vacation during this week, I promise!

We started our homecoming with birthday celebrations.. my fiancée had his birthday last week. I made it my mission to make a chocolate/blueberry birthday cake with merengue inside. It didn't look the best(loving the colour palette though), the chocolate layering got a bit out of controll. But it tasted really good..if I may say so myself!! Speaking about cakes, have to decide what the wedding cake should taste like soon. We have decided on the outside and found the person/company to bake it. We just have to try some different flavour combinations, then we're all set. (Tips on tasty combos are welcomed!)

Also got some flowers from visiting birthday guests this weekend.. I bought him a Chili plant, it's called 'Basket of Fire'. He's or we've been looking for some good hot chili peppers to use, so he can make us our own chili oil here at home. I found this plant(and YES it is hot, hot, hot..!) the day of his birthday and it felt like a sign to buy it. I'll do a separate post later, so you can see the new plant in our appartment! Ahh, the benefits of living together and be able to enjoy someone else's birthday presents!!