Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Pillow Decor Contest - Drömkudden

I have entered a contest, the decor on a pillow case for a hotel company. The company is Ibis Styles, and the one who wins can win 20 000 SEK(Swedish crowns) or a holiday weekend for two on one of the company's hotels!  Yes, please!! If I need to put a reminder out there, you guys know I'm getting married this any of the prices would be just perfect, especially the financial contribution!

Here are my entries in the competition! 
The first one is called "Whomever I want to be" (my favourite)

and the other one is called "Mörker i djupet".
(And you may recognize it, because it's an old drawing from school. But I saw the last day of the competition that you could enter two pieces, so I did. I liked the idea of a nightmare on the pillow case.)

I can win if I get chosen by Ibis Styles or by "People's choice", so I need your help..! You can vote ONCE a day(remember that!), until the 15th of September. So please, vote on ME and share on Facebook/Twitter! :D VOTE HERE! (webpage in Swedish)

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Bridal Bouquets.. so much inspiration!

I've narrowed it down to these lovely bouquets.. to be the inspiration for my own bouquet on the big day. I collected them on Pinterest, so I knew I would remember them. 
I'm not sure on the colour or the final flowers yet. Our wedding will have grey and lime/green as the theme colours. I would like some lime/greens in the bridal bouquet, as well in the corsage/boutonnieres for the men. Of course the ribbon used on the handle/also hanging down - should be grey, with maybe a little bit of silver shimmer in it. 
But this one below is really one of my favourite ones.. with perfect flowers for the winter season. That's good to think about! Or else your wedding flowers might end up costing you a fortune and the qualite of the flowers may be poor if it's not the right season for them. If you're in doubt, talk with a florist - they should know what's best!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Playing with Patterns, part two - Primula and Linnaea

Here are some more patterns from my last school project. For the moment I'm actually trying to get all the invitations for the wedding ready. I've done a new pattern(I'll show you soon..) just for the wedding, for us. It was really fun.
The hardest part with all this wedding planning, is knowing where to draw the line.. friends/family, who gets invited..?! This really was a tough cookie, I'll tell you! Who am I/we keeping in touch with, who knows us and the worst part, how many can we afford to have there..?! This is a time when you really just hope to win some extra money, so everybody could join us.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Wedding inspiration and DIY

Gathering inspiration for the wedding and especially the invites, these last weeks.. In between working, training and enjoying the summer(have been quite good on that this year, although it's easier when served with gorgeous and hot weather). So that's why I haven't been posting new stuff that often, here on the blog. We also went on a minivacation to Gothenburg and the south of Sweden, last weekend.
But soon the invites are ready to get shipped away! We have some people living abroad that we want to invite, so it seemed good to have the invites out early. I have made my own pattern and symbols for the invites, menus and program. Now we just have to print, glue and finalize with some ribbons in the end. Who knew wedding planning could be so much fun!