Monday, April 29, 2013

Saving up for the Big Day!

Yes, that is what this year will be all about! Saving up for the wedding, so as a constant reminder I made a little money box with a wedding theme. I used an old can that originally contained wasabi peas(Not important to know, any box will do! But it was some tasty wasabi peas!).
I got the idea from a friend and colleague from Oslo, she always made beautiful boxes with different motifs. She actually made me one. A money box with a New York-theme, when we just had booked the tickets for our vacation there. 
The end result of my gluing on this box, came out a bit too cute for me. I kind of got hooked and once I entered that lovey-dovey state of mind - it was hard to press the Off-button! But I guess that's just what planning your wedding can do to you.. sometimes. I hope I don't get as carried away when it comes to the actual day. Please.. I beg you, if necessary, please tell me to stop or at least take a few steps back and pause - before continuing. There's a big difference between, "over the moon" and "over the top"! I'll let this money box work as a reminder for that too, as well as the savings up-part. I adore the snowflakes though!

Friday, April 26, 2013


Got a pretty table at home.. focusing on the pretty items on it and less on the table! Friday flowers this week begins with F... These pretty bottles with pretty Fritillaria flowers in them, that is..! Love the brown with the yellow-green tones. One of them even was a "twin" flower! Sweet deal, 2 for the price of 1!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Mutant or Hybrid..?

This is my new Pelargonium (Pelargon in Swedish. Geranium in English, I think.). This one was a bit more special, and I can't resist unique things! Especially flowers like this one, different from all the rest of the "batch". If it's a mutation or hybrid, doesn't matter. This polka white/pink detail in this very otherwise coral coloured flower, brightens up my working space for the moment!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Stockholm International Comics Festival 2013

This is where I'm spending parts of my upcoming weekend! Call me a comics geek, I'm proud to be it! Check out their website for more information and also the awesome fan art. Looking forward to take a closer look at this year's theme. Very excited! 
This is how they describe the theme on Kulturhuset's website:


This year's festival theme is “escapism”, focusing on genres such as adventure, fantasy, horror, science fiction, superheroes and surrealism – and the wave of escapist and epic comics that has made it’s mark on the Swedish comics scene in recent years. If you want to escape reality in 2013, you should do it with us!

 So, see you there...!? :)

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Tasty Herbie

Ahh, it's finally that time of the year! When the herbs in your kitchen actually get enough light to live for a longer period of time. Good for the economy and for the taste buds!
 In the winter time the herbs, don't really survive more than cooking for a couple of meals. Right now, Mr. Parsley and Mrs.Basil is accompagning us in the kitchen and I'll give it a try to keep them alive! Oh, by the way I found a great and funny food/recipe blog yesterday, and felt the urge to share! Check it out, Pass The Sushi! 

Monday, April 15, 2013

The Hives!!!

(Source/Photography: Unknown   Would love to link to original source/photographer, so tell me if you know!)

Oh, dear.. I'm getting spoiled rotten! For my birthday I got tickets to The Hives concert in Gävle..! SoOoooo Looking forward to it! I just can't wait. I do adore my man, he knows what I want too well. (I wonder where he got the idea.. It couldn't have been those e-mails and links I kept on sending him. Could it?!) If you want something.. Go Right Ahead!! ;)

Saturday, April 13, 2013


Even this year(before I went on vacation), my wonderful grandmother let me take some branches from her Forsythia bush. At first they look dry and you can't see a sign of life. With some patience and some warm water.. poof! Small green leaves and small yellow buds-soon-to-be-flowers appear!

Friday, April 12, 2013

Back to Business!

The vacation is over! Nothing to be sad about, I have a lot to look forward to.. school, work, planning, birthdays and COMIC ART FESTIVALS! Starting in Uppsala, Sweden, this Sunday 14th of April. Jiiihooo! Be there, for more info: Uppsala Comix 2013. I'm going to enjoy this years festivals, as my last as a guest/student. Looking, learning and listening! The goal is to have materials and merchandise to sell next year or the year after(depending on have much time I have next winter/spring with the wedding and upcoming move..!). So much happening and so many plans, where to start, where to start...?! Apparently this vacation was good, 'cause my brain is up and running at full speed! Come on, body - keep up!

Anyway celebrated being back at work yesterday, by buying this Monstera leaf! (How big it is, check out my latest Insta-pic. Then you'll get a pretty good idea on the size..)