Monday, October 28, 2013

If I jump, you jump..

I got kidnapped this weekend and it was time for my bachelorette/hen party. Among other things, I got to go parachuting! My lovely friends, family and fiancé, tricked me.. Not cool and very scary not to know what's awaiting you, but it was awesome! Although it was a fun day, it was a very long and eventful day. I think the drinks and the bad dance moves got the best out of me and my energy at the end of the evening.. But as they have told me, you're allowed to act a little when you're wearing a crown/hat and a tutu,haha.. I had a extraordinary great day, and a great headache the day after.
The parachuting part was amazing, and it was kind of unsettling how good it felt throwing yourself out of a plane. I have scheduled to do a skydive three times before, but everytime they had to cancel due to bad weather. So I got a bit spooked, felt like I wasn't supposed to do it. So when it finally happened now, I felt extremely happy and could cross that off the bucketlist!
The part I feel the most humble and honoured about, is the way people really had put in the effort, time, planning, travel and heart to be there for me. It was really touching and fantastic, you guys are the best! The whole day, weekend really became a beautiful emotional rollercoaster!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Times They Are A-Changin'..

In between seasons, I'll say..! Summer, autumn, now winter..?! The usual change of seasons has passed by in warp speed!! It was apparently too fast for some plants as well! I had just got that autumn feeling, and realized that summer was over for the year. Summer and it's warm temperature lasted for a very long time this year. But it seems that the current season, fall/autumn, is getting shorter..?! With less than four months until the wedding, I don't mind.
Now.. it's been snowing. SNOW!! I love winter.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Great Grandma's Cloth

I'm really into old table cloths for the moment(not all types though, not you're typical floral and over-decorated ones..). I want them crochet in bright colours or my favourite for the time being, soft colour tones with some sparkle thread in it..! Perfect for autumn and winter!

My mother is really good at crochet and knitting, super creative. As was my grandmother, and her mother and generations before.. Unfortunatelly it stopped with me, I never really learned it properly. It's not too late to learn it yet, I know, and I really would like to. I have done it with metal thread a few times, with different results.
But I guess I get a bit lazy because I get provided for with various knits and nice things, by my lovely mother. My latest "order", two big and round table cloths - crochet in black and grey! A lot of people have white as their "safe colour" at home and in interior design, I love black! Can't wait until it's finished..! Another order has been placed as well, (not to my mother).. bridal gown and bridesmaid dresses are in the making! But it will take a few weeks before they're ready.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Simply green

Sometimes a little green touch, can do so much. This little fellow will probably survive as eye-candy, without water for weeks. Yes..the plant from where it's coming from, is that good! A real calm to the guilty conscience, when you decide to go on vacation. And speaking about vacation, I left for three weeks and nearly drowned my orchids before leaving. They were really dry, when we came back. But I think they needed that soaked boost! Now each and every plant has new buds and flowers on the way.. so shock and ignorance is the key!