Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Card, letter, or mail..?

I like to collect and send greeting cards. If you feel the need to say thank you, congratulations or whatever to someone - it's good to have a few different cards at home, just in case. I often make them myself, if I haven't got or can't find a card that fits the occasion. I really appreciate getting a real card or letter in the mail. Because nowadays one usually just e-mail or write eachother on facebook. Especially on birthdays, and I think that's a bit sad..

In Oslo, there is a shop in the end of the street Markveien (in the popular and trendy Grünerløkka area). I can never remember what it's called(could be "Skaperverket"..?!). It's a really cool shop with art prints, upcoming and new designer things - such as clothes, note books, and everything from lunch boxes to earrings. And they have the sweetest and funniest greeting cards! So I always fill up my stock when I visit that shop!
They have a lot of cards from Papaya!(they print on recycled paper) and La Marelle en papier(would like to illustrate for both companies!). Check out their websites, they sell a lot more than cards! I get really inspired by the artists, their motifs and the style that they use.
I always have to stop myself from buying to many cards in that shop..!

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