Friday, December 21, 2012

Christmas Spirit

Ahh, yesterday I begun with my Christmas presents.. today, I'm almost finished.. missing one, and it's a tricky one. I'll think about it, and buy it on Sunday.
It sure feels like Christmas, my feet are sore after working in the flower shop all day and my head feels unusually empty after talking with customers all day, haha.. But still, I made a loop in the stores to do the most of my holiday shopping. Took me about 1½ hour, and it didn't even feel stressful. That's the way it always should feel, for everyone! The key is to plan ahead.
Well.. to really get into that Christmas spirit, I'm going to watch one or some Christmas related movies(haven't decided which one yet. Love Actually, Gremlins or Nightmare before Christmas..? My head is saying ALL of them!) Maybe take a glass of wine, eat sushi and finish with chocolate. Mmm, my kind of Christmas!

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