Saturday, December 15, 2012

Plans for New Year's

Yes, going to Copenhagen for New Year's.. Really looking forward to it! We're planning quite the evening and supper, together with friends on that particular Eve. :)
Usually I have been working every year Christmas or New Year's, or both. But for the first time in years, I'm just working until the 23rd of December. After that, vacation.. Sweet!
I finished all of my school assignments and deadlines, during this week. Feels good, to be able to relax from school. But before the vacation can start, a week filled with flower and christmas inspiration in the shop and some hours spreading some joy, food and beverages at the restaurant.

By the way, saw the movie The Hobbit yesterday.. See it!! I got chills on multiple occasions, it was incredible as expected. Saw it in 2D, but decided that I want to see it one more time in the 3D High frame rate version. Because there has been a lot of discussions about which version is the best one. So I want to see the differences for my self, and compare!

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