Monday, December 3, 2012

First of Advent

Yesterday we lit the first candle.. The first of Advent. Only a few weeks til Christmas, yeah..!

A few christmas and wintery things have entered the appartment. And today was a super beautiful and extremely COLD day. With minus 20 degrees Celsius, my face and scarf froze so when I finally arrived to school this morning - I kind of looked like Santa! But it was so early, so I hardly met anyone on my way.. Haha.. Thankfully!

Well, I have been working on a children's book for school. But it's based on an old and already published story, so I can't really post it here on the blog. (Due to copyright etc, etc..) But I really liked the caracters I drew and created, so I'm probably going to incorporate them into my own stories! Maybe I should start working on a script right away..? Hmm.. But before that, I'm going to enjoy being finished with the school assignment and do my nails. Saw an ad with white nailpolish that looks like snow.. just had to try it out!

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