Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Pocket Calendar MakeOver

Sometimes you get advertisement calendars in the mail or from companies/relatives. These calendars aren't always the most colorful and nice looking ones, and usually because of the advertisement on it you don't want to use it. But don't throw it away and buy a new "better one", design the one you have instead as a reflection of you!
 As I love comics, my theme on the calendar was easy. I used some pictures from newspapers I got in a comic book store in New York. And by using those pictures I got a lot of colors, so I kept the base color neutral. So nature colored paper and some matching organic yarn just to add an extra detail.
Try to use material you have at home. Some old postcards or newspapers, gift wrapping paper or a photo you love. There is also a lot of internet sites that allows you to print their art out for free. 
You've probably bought your calendar for this year, but now you know what to do 2013. It's better for the environment and you get a personalized calendar that nobody else's got!
And if you haven't got some company giving it to you for free check with people you know, maybe someone got one to spare. If that doesn't work you can buy a really cheap one and just give it a makeover, so you'll save money either way!

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