Monday, March 12, 2012

AW of STHLM - Exclusive Organic Clothes

A friend recommended AW of STHLM to me, and I want to spread the word..
It's a website that offers clothes of really good quality, exclusive style and the most important it's clothes made from organic materials only.

The concept to be able to buy fantastic style and design, with a clean conscious - is an idea that the two friends and founders came up with, after hearing people complain about how hard it is to get good.locking and fashionable organic clothes.

Well it's not any more 

Organic Clothing and Fair Trade/Enviromental principles
The primary thing of the organic methods to produce cotton and other materials, is to do it without the use of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. If you choose organic clothing you're taking a stand against our environmental problems. As we know now global warming is more a fact than a probability, so to think about what we wear is a "greener" lifestyle and a necessity. 
Organic materials are grown toxinfree, reducing the amount of toxic chemicals we ingest and release into the earth. The employees working with the growing of cotton and the locals in the nearby area for example, are safe and without toxic exposure. The workers also get benefits, equal employment opportunities and more, thanks to the fair trade principles that are embodied in the organic clothing development and environmental principles. 
So by choosing organic clothing, you're doing something good for the environment and for humanity.

These jeans are perfect for the spring, 
I love slims like these..!
The brand, Kuyichi, is the first in the world to produce organic jeans from organic materials! (If you want to check out more on what the different materials are, 
they have good info: Kuyichi - Sustainable Concepts)

..together with these shoes, for every pair you buy of this brand(Faguo Shoes)a tree gets planted! 
So you can (and should..) buy many! 

And this dress is a favourite piece! 
So simple and beautiful design with a flattering figure.
I hope to see more women's wear on the site though, because it's the perfect concept for people in the present and the future. It's a webshop with really great brands and a perfect sense of style! To all men (the men's wear is hot..!) and women circling the internet, check this website out right away!

Thanks, Jens Aronsson and Mikael Windh at AW of STHLM 
for bringing a great idea to life and sharing great sustainable clothes with the rest of us.
I hope you guys inspire more people to think about what they're wearing!

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