Monday, March 5, 2012

Pics from Yesterday

Yesterday took place at the Home & Living-fair in Gävle, "Bomässan 2012".

It wasn't that big and also there were to much salespersons for telephone-, internet- and TV-companies attacking you all the time - and to dodge them you had to avoid or hurry through certain areas and it kind of spoiled the cosy feeling. And it made people miss out on a few of the exhibitions, that unfortunately were placed nearby.

A big plus on the other hand was Isabelle McAllister! Her lecture was fun and really inspiring. 

She talked about how we should use more colors, let your children take part in the decorating of your home, re-usage and re-making of things/materials we already have or exists and also that you shouldn't hold on to ugly or non-working stuff just because of sentimental reasons - use it and love it, or sell/give it to someone who wants it. 

If curious, here is her blog: Dos Family - Isabelle

But I did see some cool designs(even though I think they should try to get a lot more designers, stores and decorators to come) and I got a few new ideas. Tasted really good local/organic food and beverages and also it was fun with the auction they had. All in all, a good experience but it wouldn't hurt if they could increase the interior design part!


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