Saturday, January 5, 2013

This House is Clean

Ahh, back to normal again. Christmas has been cleaned away (and the New Year's celebration, which for many is a bigger mess to clean!) But because we we're in Denmark over New Year's, I only had our Christmas decorations to put away in the basement again when we got home. Clean a bit, then just eat the rest of the Christmas cookies and candy. Then I was done! So it all went quite quickly because I was all hyped on sugar, haha..
In Sweden it's custom to clean Christmas away this weekend, an old Christian tradition. But I think a lot of people do it even before, because it feel's good to start the new year fresh and without traces from the year that's passed. In Denmark, I didn't see a trace of Christmas when arriving on the 28th of December. Except on Kastrup Airport of course, there I saw plenty! But in the homes of families and friends, it was all cleaned away.

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