Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Ola Skogäng "You can live on your Pen"

Oh, right.. I totally forgot to tell you about our seminar/lecture with Ola Skogäng before Christmas. We were a bit afraid he wouldn't be able to come at first. We had the forces of nature mixturing with his train the first time he was supposed to come and visit us, fortunately we re-scheduled for the week after.. and luckily, it didn't snow quite as much that day, the 13th of December 2012!

He was really good at lecturing and fun to listen to. He pointed out that you need 'Knowledge, Talent and Connections to succeed', but that you shouldn't become a comic book artist to become rich. Of course it depends on your situation and hopefully it will be worthwhile. But you may have to wait for that money to come, so focus more on your ideas in the meantime.. work hard and practice, practice!
He also gave us some really great tips on how to organize the working hours and structure our work, when working with for example a whole comic book.
He especially pointed out the importance of research with accurate design to make it credible. Followed by your own touches and design to make it interesting.
Everything of what he was saying made sense and a lot of it wasn't all news to us, I can't speak for everyone though. But it was truly amazing and inspiring, hearing it from an active and such a talented comic book artist. I'm really thankful he took the time and effort, visiting us.

If you want to read more about Ola Skogäng and his work, check here:  http://www.theoshome.com/

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