Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Shopping/Grocery Bag

A sweet friend in Oslo, bought me this foldable bag in London. I always carry it with me in my purse or bag on a daily basis. Especially if I know I need something from the store. To avoid buying a plastic/paper bag every single time I shop something. Saving a little money, space at home and the obvious main reason - it's better for the environment not to take a new bag every time you shop, in every single store you go to..! No matter how "environment-friendly" the bag is!
But nothing lasts forever, and my precious shopping/grocery bag is beginning to loosen a lot in the seams. So I decided to do a new one with some strong and cute fabric I had at home. Very appropriate for spring and summer. Look how good it turned out!
Haven't been sewing for years, but it was really fun. Now I'm thinking about doing some more easy sewing projects. And after watching "Coco avant Chanel" the other day, I really got inspired to improve my sewing skills.

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