Thursday, June 14, 2012

Summer Nails!

I like to use as much color as possible in the summer - at home, when I draw or work, in the way I dress and especially with different colors on my nails. We know that color is a good way to enhance your tan. 
Although we should all put the nail polish makers under pressure to eliminate or reduce toxic ingredients, as it effects our lifes and the environment. 

But in the meantime we can make sure that the disposal of old or empty nail polish "bottles" is taken care of. Nail polish is hazardous waste. You should leave it at the recycling station. If you don't know where to go with your waste - ask around or browse the internet. There should be a place where you can leave that kind of waste in your city/hometown. 

If you want to have pretty hands, make sure you take responsibility when you've emptied that  beautiful nail polish. Always make sure that the makeup you buy haven't been tested on animals, like IsaDora's nail polish for example.

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