Tuesday, June 18, 2013

On the train

On my way to Stockholm again, to celebrate a birthday and to help my sister and her boyfriend move into a new appartment. It's been promised good and warm weather. I brought my shorts and I'm hoping to improve my for the moment non-excisting tan. The state my legs are in right now, they shouldn't be shown in public. But a good friend convinced me that in order to get some colour, I actually have to expose myself to the sun.. shocker! I'm not dumb.. I knew that. It's just uncomfortable the first couple of times/days.
As you can see I'm also drinking carrot juice, just to increase the odds of getting a great tan. With the midsummer celebrations coming up this weekend, it could be nice to actually be able to show some flesh! ;) I'm spending my midsummer in Mora this year, that's about as Swedish as it gets.
Taking the train is a good way to travel. It's easy and beneficial especially in an environmental point of view. Although the tickets really are quite expensive here in Sweden, and it's a pity they don't lower the prices. Because I think a lot more people would take the train then. I'm fortunate to be able to buy it at a student price, and sure sometimes you can get lucky by booking your ticket in advance. More people should take the train though. Trains are fast and air-conditioned(usually). During the summer, you can see and experience a lot of our beautiful country and it's landscape. I'm actually taking the train in a couple of weeks again. To go to a wedding, up north in Sweden, in Piteå. Hoping to get a few tips for our own wedding planning.