Wednesday, June 26, 2013

My fashion owl "Ruva"

Here is one of my prints/illustrations in the last school project, that I wrote about earlier. This one is my fashion owl "Ruva". I will post more from the project. I'm really satisfied with the project, and I learned some great techniques and a lot about how I work best. I got the highest grade possible on the project, so I felt I finished the education with a BOOM! So I am one proud cookie right now and loaded as a gun to start produce some more artsy illustrations and projects. And of course, it's getting high time to get those wedding invitations ready soon..

What to you think about my project, the prints/illustrations/patterns?? Good, bad, want to buy it..? Please feel free to comment (under the post it concerns) or e-mail me. You can find the e-mail address on the page "Curious, who am I??" Give some feedback, I appreciate it.

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