Saturday, March 16, 2013

Tu me manques..!

(As the french say - I miss you) I miss that man. But soon we'll be enjoying a vacation in the Alps and then a few days in Copenhagen. A very good way to end this long wait!It's good also that he's coming home, so we can get cracking on the wedding plans - or to enlight him of the plans already made! Nooo, just kiddin'.. I'm not that Bridezilla yet. I just have A LOT of ideas to share with him! ;D If you're curious of some of my wedding ideas check out my Pinterest board 'Wedding plans'.
By the way, this lovely mirror was hidden in my parents garage.. together with this colorful pillow! Ohh, I love my parents garage. It's been my gold mine for years.. It's like a Mary Poppins-bag, interesting things just keep on popping out of it! 

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