Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Grandma's Tree

I have cut off some branches from my Grandmother's grand Larch tree. A few of them I just placed in a vase. But I've been missing some kind of decoration on the wall. So I felt like making this!
It's really easy, you just need.. Well the tree branches of your choice of course! Use some pruning shears or a knife for the cutting. Then some steel thread or wire - and form a base at first for the circle form to go by and then attach the branches on it. After that you just intertwine the branches like you want them. To make the branches as bendable as possible, it's best to soak them in some slightly warm water for a while(at least 30 minutes, but other types of trees may need more time. Larch is quite flexible already..) before you start the process.

Then just leave over the night so it can dry up.. At last place it somewhere appropriate or like in my case, hang it on the wall.

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