Friday, February 8, 2013

Spring and Global Colour


I got a new globe, bought from Indiska. It was a gift from my gorgeous friend, Mills. Love her, and love the globe! (I don't know what I've done to deserve these recent gifts, for no reason! The best of friends..!)
I love globes in all kind of colours and styles. Although I have had a problem making up my mind on which one I want, to many choices. I needed someone to take the decision for me. Thanks, hon'..! This one is perfect for me, us and the appartment.

Also the other day, I went with the girls in the flower shop on a inspirations day/evening. Just to get some fresh ideas and inspiration for Valentine's and the upcoming season, the desired spring. After that I just had to buy some fresh flowers to take home with me. Got this perfect branch to put in the window, Chaenomelis. It's called "Rosenkvitten" in Swedish.
Now it's just standing there as a warm reminder of what's to come, against the snowy outdoors.

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