Thursday, February 21, 2013

☆My Project☆

This semester, in school, I'm working with my own project. Focusing a lot on prints, patterns and digital design. Testing different techniques and doing a lot of research for the moment. Gathering images and links on Pinterest that helps me in this project. Although you can't see that board on my profile, love the fact that you can have "Secret Boards"!
Also, I'm keeping an organized chaos here at home as well. Something I haven't really liked or allowed myself before.. But after watching the documentary on Karl Lagerfeld, I've been persuaded that it can be worth trying sometimes(and of course, to a limit!). Apparently, it can lead to greatness if you look at his lifestyle and success, that incredible man. So I'm willing to try it out, a while longer.. haha..
So I'm sorry if I haven't been showing that much of my work recently, but there's just bits and pieces of ideas in this stage. (For the moment I'm using every table and desk in the appartment, with different projects.. I've turned my appartment into a workshop!)
But soon I will have things to show, have been really inspired lately (I have learned some good ways on how to get/stay inspired, that I want to share with you. For times when/if you're stuck and in lack of inspiration, to be creative or just to stay motivated - the tips on that will come in an upcoming post!).

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