Thursday, November 14, 2013

Vanilla Orchid

 Oncidium Twinkle

Besides the more common orchids you see everywhere, Phalaenopsis, this was one of the first "different" orchids I ever bought. This one in particular, I got for it's incredible scent and delicate flowers. Then when the blooming was over, it was just a green plant in my window. It has followed me wherever I moved, but no new flowers, for 10 years! Even my future-husband hasn't been present in my life for that long..!
The orchid has always looked green and healthy, and I just never could bring myself to give up on it. This summer before we went on vacation, I put it in a glas pot and soaked it with a fair amount of water. And after that I just kept giving it a lot more water, than before.. I just thought, I must change my stategy for something to happen. That was the key.. As you can see, small buds slowly appeared! Now it's here, in all it's glory, spreading a lovely scent of vanilla in the whole appartment. A good vanilla scent, not the kind you feel sick from..haha.. That's what I call a 10 year-anniversary!

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