Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Metal knitting

I have never been much for knitting, but my mother is really good at it. So a couple of years ago I asked her to help me, teach me. But to her surprise not with your ordinary yarn. I wanted to use metal threads in variations.. Ok, she said with a questioning expression on her face. Then when she saw the result she agreed with me. 
Look how decorative this knitted cover with pearls and beads, is for a pot. You can also do it for vases, jars, candle holders and so on.. Or maybe a fun detail or way to wrap a gift.

Of course an autumn favorite, as always, is the sturdy Calluna. I think it's called Scotch Heather in English, Ljung in Swedish. It's best suited for the outdoors but you can have it indoors as well. Easy to decorate with and also to make a wreath out of it.

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