Wednesday, July 4, 2012


I started last week thinking I was going to take a bit of vacation, while visiting family/friends and just relaxing. But only for a couple of days.. but due to allergic reactions followed by me getting sick, made the reducing of blog posts to none at all. Still not fully recovered, but I want to share the different wonderful pelargoniums I admired last week while drinking coffee at my grandmother's house.

The Pelargonium was known as Geranium earlier because they're both included in the botanical family Geraniaceae, but they are actually two separate genera. But the name Geranium is still in regular use for the flower (and also the name of an awesome restaurant in Copenhagen).

I love this plant, it's easy and you can find it in different colors, shapes and with different scents. Some of them are quite tasty and you can use them in your cooking, salads, baking or desserts. And apparently I should have taken some leaves with me, because pelargonium tea sounds very interesting as well! But for now I'll have to settle with ginger tea with some honey and lemon, but it's really good and a great boost if you're sick!

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