Tuesday, May 14, 2013

School, school, school...

I haven't really had the time to write any posts lately. My project in school is taking a lot of time, and I have less than a month to finish it. And then there's work and training in between the hours spent in school.
My project is very inspired by nature. You can see some of the floral patterns I've been working on above.
This project has been less comics and more illustrations and patterns, suitable for interior design, fabrics and prints. Because I've noticed that's something I really love to work with.
I've also been focusing on my own portfolio and graphic profile. So that I can be ready to create a new website and maybe even my own company. I'm going to spend my summer exploring the possibilities and see what's best. But either way, it's good to create your image before - especially on the web and before you go out looking for jobs/assignments.

Well I'm off to find a press and printing service, before spending my afternoon in school today. So wish me luck(and affordable prices!) and have a lovely day!

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