Friday, May 31, 2013

May.. over already?!

I'm finding it really hard to keep up.. with this thing we call time. I mean, what happened with the month of May? Where did it go and where was I??! Yeah, sure.. I've had a lot of things to do the last couple of weeks with the final project in school and all, but still. It just.. Poof! Gone! I can't be the only one thinking and experiencing this.. am I?
Anyway, talking about the project. A few days ago, I sent my illustrations off to become "prints" and some of the illustrations will even get tried out as t-shirt decor. I'm not really sure on how good the printing company I hired is, but it's more for the presentation of the project. If I'm not satisfied with the prints and t-shirt, I can just try a different company at a later time or with another project. The presentation and the final date for the project is due next week. Hopefully all the prints and t-shirts will be done today. So I'll have enough time this weekend to prepare for the presentation. Jippie..exciting stuff!
I'll post my work here in a few weeks, and would love some feedback. So feel free to comment about it. :)

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