Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Lotta Kühlhorn - my inspiration

I found this book just as I started my project, this semester. It has been my bible, my star and my inspiration. I've been carrying it around everywhere(my arms are getting strong!). It's called "Rapport! En bok om att göra mönster", and it really is the essentials of pattern making. A real Best-buy! 
Lotta Kühlhorn, a true inspiration and I have made her my unofficial mentor thanks to this book. It's the kind of woman one would like to work with or be an assistant for. Demanding that she has too teach me everyhing she knows. She's incredible and has accomplished a lot, created so many unforgettable patterns. Her book has been a real help, when it comes to measurements, how-to-think and good advice. You can probably tell, she's my Mr.Miyagi. I read the book, wax on.. read the book, wax off!
I don't know if you can buy it in English, but the Swedish version has really opened my eyes for the perfect profession!

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