Monday, April 29, 2013

Saving up for the Big Day!

Yes, that is what this year will be all about! Saving up for the wedding, so as a constant reminder I made a little money box with a wedding theme. I used an old can that originally contained wasabi peas(Not important to know, any box will do! But it was some tasty wasabi peas!).
I got the idea from a friend and colleague from Oslo, she always made beautiful boxes with different motifs. She actually made me one. A money box with a New York-theme, when we just had booked the tickets for our vacation there. 
The end result of my gluing on this box, came out a bit too cute for me. I kind of got hooked and once I entered that lovey-dovey state of mind - it was hard to press the Off-button! But I guess that's just what planning your wedding can do to you.. sometimes. I hope I don't get as carried away when it comes to the actual day. Please.. I beg you, if necessary, please tell me to stop or at least take a few steps back and pause - before continuing. There's a big difference between, "over the moon" and "over the top"! I'll let this money box work as a reminder for that too, as well as the savings up-part. I adore the snowflakes though!

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