Friday, April 12, 2013

Back to Business!

The vacation is over! Nothing to be sad about, I have a lot to look forward to.. school, work, planning, birthdays and COMIC ART FESTIVALS! Starting in Uppsala, Sweden, this Sunday 14th of April. Jiiihooo! Be there, for more info: Uppsala Comix 2013. I'm going to enjoy this years festivals, as my last as a guest/student. Looking, learning and listening! The goal is to have materials and merchandise to sell next year or the year after(depending on have much time I have next winter/spring with the wedding and upcoming move..!). So much happening and so many plans, where to start, where to start...?! Apparently this vacation was good, 'cause my brain is up and running at full speed! Come on, body - keep up!

Anyway celebrated being back at work yesterday, by buying this Monstera leaf! (How big it is, check out my latest Insta-pic. Then you'll get a pretty good idea on the size..)

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