Thursday, November 8, 2012

Snowy White

The first day that it snowed here this winter, was the day I arrived in Oslo two weeks ago. The 25th of October. 
That same day this beautiful Dendrobium orchide started to bloom again. I remember seeing it before it was time to go out the door and off to the train that morning. The flower just like the snow, with an amazing white color! 

I think it snowed in almost half of Scandinavia that day! It was so annoying going on facebook or other social medias that day. Every status update or photo was about the snow, the fact that it was snowing, love/hate towards the snow, the weather in general and itt was almost like there was a competition who saw it first..! 
Haha, a bit too much of the non-interesting updates there that day.. more than usual..? ;) 

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