Friday, November 16, 2012


(Artist: unknown)

And so it has begun.. Today we had our first animation class, we're working in Adobe Flash. I hate that I don't have experience from these things already, and I really worked hard today and thought I understood..but noOoo, I had to start all over! Well, I solved it finally. I'm not showing the result of that, because it's quite embarassing.. and poorly made! So, it's Flash Camp for me! I have to learn this and soon. Just shake this bad start off me and back on the computer. Wish me luck, and if you get any tips or just breathing techniques that work when you're entering the Flash sphere - please, share!

Well, a rough start to the weekend.. but now it can only get better! A beer could probably help.. a be tasty, right.. about.. now..! Ahh.. Have a great weekend!

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