Thursday, November 15, 2012

Pat on the back.. Good girl!

Ahh.. I finished the caricatures of Ellen in time. I wasn't totally satisfied with the result. But we were not given that much time at the first place, on this task. So it's ok, I guess.
I'll post the caricatures in the weekend. Because now it's time for som ME-time! Last time when I went grocery shopping, I couldn't resist the temptation.. A wedding magazine, with a special winter wedding issue.. I never thought I would look forward to a wedding this way, but I do..! So it's good with some inspiration and planning in time, then I'll sleep better at least.

So now I'm going to read it, eat some white chocolate cookies (yes, not one..some..Mmm...!) and then maybe I'll take a nap.. Just because I'm worth it! And because I can, one of the perks with being a student.

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