Monday, November 19, 2012

Ellen caricatures, part 2

Yeah, the scanning worked this time.. :) Here is the rest of the caricature assignment. I did a Frida Kahlo-inspired caricature of Ellen, as my social/political caricature. (Frida Kahlo was a very talented painter, with her own unique style. Here you can find more info: about her, she was a fascinating and strong woman. So is Ellen Degeneres, a real role model and fighter.)
Then there's the portrait. We were supposed to find 3 pictures in different angles of the person, and then draw "our own" angle. I found it a bit hard to recreate the face, and very different from drawing a portrait from just one picture or seeing the person live.

In the end (and now when it's over), this was stressful but fun. I'm glad I chose Ellen Degeneres, because she has some interesting features and personality. I wish I could have had more time on it, but I blame it all on the teacher's planning.

As Ellen would say, "Be kind to one another!"