Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Pillow Decor Contest - Drömkudden

I have entered a contest, the decor on a pillow case for a hotel company. The company is Ibis Styles, and the one who wins can win 20 000 SEK(Swedish crowns) or a holiday weekend for two on one of the company's hotels!  Yes, please!! If I need to put a reminder out there, you guys know I'm getting married this any of the prices would be just perfect, especially the financial contribution!

Here are my entries in the competition! 
The first one is called "Whomever I want to be" (my favourite)

and the other one is called "Mörker i djupet".
(And you may recognize it, because it's an old drawing from school. But I saw the last day of the competition that you could enter two pieces, so I did. I liked the idea of a nightmare on the pillow case.)

I can win if I get chosen by Ibis Styles or by "People's choice", so I need your help..! You can vote ONCE a day(remember that!), until the 15th of September. So please, vote on ME and share on Facebook/Twitter! :D VOTE HERE! (webpage in Swedish)

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