Friday, September 27, 2013

Packing Madness and Transformers..?

Had a last minute packing crisis for this weekend's lobster fiesta! My time has just flown away the last two weeks. Have been stressed and forgot all about packing for this glorious weekend with friends. Let's just say, came home to routines and everyday life -and it turned out, not quite the way I expected it too. That holiday glow and well-rested being just disappeared instantly.
Our car needed instant service(now I'm trying to sell it), my bike is done, dead and apparently dangerous.. My phone is giving me a hard time, turning on and off on it's own - a lot. My computer hasn't been working properly, especially not when I needed it to and there was no room for error(like during my french course online seminar..on several occassions!). I'm just waiting for the roof to fall down.. and maybe for the coffee machine to spit me in the face. So! I'm leaving for a weekend and it feels good to push that pause button! Ignore the fact that the material/technological things in my life are trying to mess with my wedding plans and sanity! I hope when I get back, it will be as if it never happened.. or that it will just work out in some nice way. Usually things haven't happened all at the same time before.. not like this!

Well, I'm off.. I'm sorry that my vacation updates didn't show up here as planned. I'll make sure to post that as soon as possible. But what can you do when the machines are taking over..

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