Thursday, October 25, 2012

Sleepless Countdown

I have a friend who's having a birthday party this weekend(wouldn't want to miss it).. and I'm going! It's in Oslo. I know, I know.. I was recently there. And it was so fun, that I just couldn't resist going back when the opportunity came up. The suitcase is packed, and everything's ready. I'm ready. My train leaves at 6 in the morning(crazy early, the alarm is set to 5 a.m.!). So only a few hours to go..!

When I have an early appointment or if I'm travelling somewhere the next day, I always have trouble sleeping. So I guess I'll be waiting wide awake until the alarm starts ringing(worst case scenario hopefully). Then be really exhausted on the train. Probably sleeping the entire trip to Oslo. Perfect! No, honestly I hope I'll get some storyboard work done as well.

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