Tuesday, January 14, 2014

White DIP DIY Cones

Before christmas I dipped some cones in a bucket of white leftover paint, and the result is super decorative. Have tried something similar before, but that time it involved glue and pearls/beads around the cones. The end result of that, wasn't that good.. so I'm working on perfecting it!
But back to my Dip DIY cones, super easy! Just take some iron thread and stick it in the cone, dip it in the color, let it drip and then when it's not dripping as much - move it to a spot where it can hang for a while, preferably with something covering up the surface underneath. I my case, I hung them for a while on a chair with a lot of old papers underneath, as protection. I let them hang there for a couple of hours, then I pulled out the iron thread and just covered up the holes it left, with some brush strokes of paint.
Before and during Christmas and New Year's, I used cones that I had colored the same way, in bouquets and decorations. With the paint being a bit shiny, it made a great contrast to several of the flowers and greens that I used. (Unfortunately, I never took any pictures of it.. didn't have the time.)
Right now I'm enjoying tulips at home, as should you. Don't forget tomorrow is "Tulip Day", so go get yourself some crisp fresh tulips. Perfect for filling that void, now when all those Christmas decorations has disappeared once more..

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