Wednesday, November 27, 2013


Making a better home, for some orchids..!

Yes, I do believe in putting orchids in glass pots and vases. 
It's a good concept (if you want them to bloom), at least that´s my experience.

As you can see, one of the orchids was growing "out of"..up, up and away from its current pot!

If the barch or the so called "orchid soil" is like the picture on the left, and has disintegrated so much. You need to transplant and get some new, whole and fresh barch for your plant(like the picture, on the right). 
That way, your orchid will get proper air circulation to dry their roots. 
If not, there is a higher risk for your orchid's roots to rot.

Make sure you cut the plant clean from dry, old stems, air roots or flowers.. before transplanting.

I always place the orchid's roots in a bowl or bucket filled with water. 
I leave it there, while I'm preparing the pot/vase or at least until the roots stop making bubbles.

That way the roots get softer and "well-fed"
before moving to a new or slightly refreshed place. 
Less risk of breaking any roots during your transplanting.

When you plant in glass,you can see the roots growing
and when/if they´re in need of humidity!

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